Optometry NSW/ACT News: 11 August 2014

Association Membership Renewals Well Due

Membership renewals are now well and truly due - if you haven’t already renewed your membership we’d invite you to do so - just call the office on (02) 9712 2199. Memberships must be renewed no later than 31 August otherwise your membership will lapse and all services, including Professional Indemnity insurance will cease.

National Association Member Survey 2014

The National Association has just released its member survey for 2014. We need your responses to help us shape our future services - for you! It won’t take long to complete, so if you can assist, please check your email inbox for the survey link.

New Pay Rates - General Retail Industry Award

New pay rates have just been released for employees covered by the General Retail Industry Award. Note that this Award is the most commonly used one in optometry for front-office staff. Note also that optometrists and optical dispensers are not covered by any Award. For details of rates from 1 July 2014, click here.

NSW Low Cost Spectacles Scheme

The scheme is now up and running and, according to members with whom we’ve spoken directly, they have been pleasantly surprised by the scheme’s ease of use. The Association continues to meet with Vision Australia on a weekly basis and we would welcome any feedback that members might have to take to those meetings. Details about the scheme are available through Vision Australia - 1300 84 74 66.

Locum vs. Employee

If you are a 'locum' yet you attend a regular practice on regular days then it is highly likely that the Australian Tax Office will consider you to be an employee rather than a locum. If you are in this situation we'd recommend that you consult your accountant about whether or not you should be changing the basis of your employment or call the Association for advice on (02) 9712 2199.

On the subject of locums, we again reiterate our advice that where a locum trades and bills in their own name (as opposed to through a Pty Ltd company) then the employer is obliged to pay superannuation on their behalf into an approved superannuation fund. For further advice contact the Association.