Medicare Billing Explained to Patients

Optometry NSW/ACT News: 06 February 2015

Medicare Webinar Monday 16th Feb at 6:30pm

On Monday 16th February at 6:30pm, we held "The Definitive Medicare Seminar" at the Novotel Darling Harbour, Sydney. To listen in to the presentation and panel discussion, click here.

Medicare Ruling Update

Members will recall that the Association had sought a ruling from Medicare on the use of item 10918. Some confusion has existed around interpretation of the wording in the item description, which specifies it is a professional attendance being the second or subsequent in a course of attention.

More specifically, Medicare was asked what item should be used if a patient < 65 years old and who is not eligible for item 10910 attends the same practitioner as previously for their 2 year review (with no new signs and symptoms, no significant change in visual function and no progressive disorder). Medicare has advised that it is appropriate to bill an item 10918 for a clinically relevant service for this patient.

Please also note that billing item 10916 for a brief initial consultation does not reset the 12 or 36 month 10910/911 initial consultation waiting period.

Electronic Patient Records

Please ensure that you finalise your electronic patient records after each visit.

We had a call from a colleague who was concerned that optometrists he has encountered are not, as a rule, finalising their electronic patient records after each visit. This is very important!

Electronic records should be treated just like the old paper records – updated at each visit and then amended with clear notes if necessary. The trail of information and updating on paper records was clear – and so it should be on electronic records. If you need to amend an electronic record you should do so as an addition after the original entry – not by erasing and re-writing the original record. In the event that your records are ever reviewed by a tribunal or court, good record keeping practices will add immeasurably to the strength of your case.

Optometry Australia Advantage Program - Refocusing to Suit Your Needs

The Optometry Australia Advantage Program continues to provide a number of benefits and services to members. As a result of feedback from our members we have recently concluded another review of the program.

Effective January 2015 the program has now been consolidated to the provision of products and services relevant to members, specifically our Practice Owner members. Furthermore, You will no longer receive regular individual partner or third-party emails and relevant communications will be provided through our online, electronic and print communications.

The review of the Advantage Program is part of our continued focus to serve the best interest of our members and provide support to the profession. For more information and confirmation of Advantage program partners and services please visit us here.

Super Sunday 2015

Super Sunday, May 24 at Australian Technology Park with workshops at UNSW and CFEH on Saturday 23rd. Keep the date free – registrations out this month!

Credentialed Optometrist Course

14-15 February, Sydney Rydges Airport Hotel

A limited number of positions are left for the next Civil Aviation Safety Authority CO course. CO’s obtain listing on the CASA website to perform aviation optometrical examinations. These courses are held on a rotating basis in each state every 2 years and content will cover eye and vision standards for various classes of pilot licences, types and extent of the eye examination expected, and elements of eye health and vision in the aviation environment. 21 CPD points are awarded for the course.

Enquiries via email by clicking here.