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Super Sunday Conference 2014

APR 2014 NEWS: Super Sunday is Back! (Note Corrected Dates)

Mark this in your diaries: Sunday 15th June, Australian Technology Park, Redfern. Also, Saturday 14th June, workshops at the School of Optometry & Vision Science and Centre for Eye Health, Randwick.

Schedule/Speakers/Topics and Registration Form now available here and being mailed out this week.

APR 2014 NEWS: Optometry Giving Sight 2013 Project Highlights

OGS 2013 Project Highlights

APR 2014 NEWS: Attention Optometrists who Graduated from UNSW in 1999
(4th year 1998)

An informal 15 year reunion is being held at King St Brewhouse, Darling Harbour at 7.30pm on Saturday June 14 (the night before Super Sunday).

Please let us know if you are interested in attending by emailing paula@oaansw.com.au or calling the OAA on (02) 9712 2199. Hope to see you there!

Paula Katalinic

APR 2014 NEWS: Launching a New Way to Keep Up-to-Date - In Less Time!

At the Association we’re aware that members are acutely time-poor. And wading through a lengthy newsletter each month isn’t a good use of your time. So this will be the last newsletter from us in its current form.

From next month we’re going to try breaking down our communications with you into three topics - CPD, Classifieds and News. Each will come out to you in its own mailing (email) and each will be very concise, with readability being the key. We want you to be able to find what you want in no more than two screens/pages (classifieds will pose a challenge but we’re working on that). We look forward to your comments!

APR 2014 NEWS: Working With Children Check (Changes to Who Needs It)

The rules about who needs the WWCC have changed. If you are in 'child-related employment' – that is, you see children in the course of your work, whether or not you are accompanied during the examination, you need a check.

It is now all done online, here.

APR 2014 NEWS: Information - Accurate and When You Need It Most

One of the most important benefits of membership is being able to contact the OAA for information. Accurate, timely information that relates to your day to day professional life.

If there is something you need to know about employment, a clinical matter, government standards or anything else related to optometry, give us a call on (02) 9712 2199 or email Nicole or Andrew.

APR 2014 NEWS: New OAA Website Launched

Hopefully by now members will have received their new membership card and have had a chance to log on to our outstanding new National website: www.optometrists.asn.au.

If your card hasn’t yet arrived please call the office on 02 9712 2199 and we’ll get it arranged.

APR 2014 NEWS: Enquiry from the Board or HCCC?

Regrettably, it is a fact of life that health professionals receive complaints. The Association has extensive experience with complaints of all types and we can help you to respond in an appropriate and effective manner. So, if you do receive a complaint, call the office straight away on (02) 9712 2199. We'll advise how to proceed initially and then help you as (if) the matter goes further.


If you are looking for an optometrist with therapeutic qualifications (or other specific attributes), you are welcome to call the NSW/ACT Association for assistance on (02) 9712 2199.


If you have therapeutics qualifications and haven’t yet advised the office, please contact Andrew on (02) 9712 2199 or via email by clicking here. We are compiling a list of members with therapeutics endorsement.